What is your money personality?

Your money personality is a big deal! Research continues to show that money fights are the number one predictor for divorce in North America!

Mostly, your money personality isn’t something you’ve chosen. It’s something you’ve learned – from parents, peers, or the school of hard knocks. And like other parts of your personality, your attitudes toward money are complicated and some seem to be naturally ingrained.

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Is money stressing you out?

The American Psychological Association finds nearly 3/4 of Americans suffering from financial anxiety, according to their Stress in America™: Paying With Our Health survey.

  • 22% report experiencing “extreme stress” about their finances.
  • 21% either skip or postpone healthcare because of finances.
  • 31% report that money is a major source of conflict in their relationship.

Read the APA report here.

Do something about your own financial stress here.

Step 3. What Are Your Goals?

Road-signs-381Step 1. Find The Leaks
Step 2. Know Where You Are

Step 3. Know Where You’re Going.

Before you can figure out how you’ll get there and how long it will take, you need to know where you’re trying to go.

What are your financial goals?

I suggest sitting down with a pencil and paper and defining financial goals for the following time horizons:

  • 1 year – What do we need to do this year?
  • 5 years – What would it look like to be financially secure in 5 years?
  • 10 years – What could we do if we were financially independent?
  • 20-30 years – What is our dream retirement situation?
  • 40 years – How can we leave a legacy for the next generation?

If you are married, this is a great time to listen to each other and dream together.  You might be surprised at how this one exercise of dreaming your preferred future together can bring new life and intimacy into your marriage.  After all, isn’t this what you used to do when you were dating?

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