Extra Income from Moonlighting

Do you need extra income?

My employer has a strict “No Moonlighting Policy” (even though it’s probably illegal in California). They expect every pastor to give full and complete attention to their work as a pastor.

However, there are many ways to repurpose your ministry output, make connections in the community, and make extra income on the side. Many of these are even seen as evangelistic opportunities or prestigious ways to help your church’s standing in the community.

Repurposing Ministry

  • Do community weddings
  • Become a funeral pastor for area funeral homes
  • Write a book (from a sermon series)
  • Write a book (from personal ministry experiences)
  • Publish a Book Study Guide
  • Create a curriculum
  • Publish a video curriculum
  • Write, record, publish worship music
  • Do concerts
  • Market your sermon outlines
  • Sell CDs or MP3s of your sermons
  • Sell videos of your sermon series
  • Start a “supporting ministry”
  • Become part of the area “Pulpit Supply” (Great for Adventist Pastors)
  • Become an expert and lecture or do workshops
  • Create a religious smart phone app
  • Join the board of directors for a company
  • Get elected as an officer on a nonprofit board of directors


  • Create a job you can do ONLY while on vacation (4-6 weeks/year)


  • Don’t market to your own church members. They are not a captive audience for your side-hustle!
  • Don’t give your best time, thought, and energy to your side efforts. Reserve that for ministry.
  • Don’t give time to something else if your church is in turmoil. Unhappy members will make your life miserable.

We’ll talk about Copyright Law and your sermons in a different post.

What are some of your ideas for repurposing ministry to make more money on the side?

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